Imagine living in an estate where security doesn’t come at the expense of community, where you can sip on a glass of champagne made with grapes handpicked from your own vineyard and blended a hundred metres from where you sit. Imagine the fresh sea breeze upon your face while listening to the simple pleasure of kids riding bikes unsupervised. Well, we’re building that place at Kommetjie Vineyards.


Located in the heart of Cape Town’s South Peninsula, affectionately known as the “Deep South”, this is a beautiful, laid-back area that offers historical villages, breath-taking scenery & nature and some of the best beaches in the Cape.


Offering a unique lifestyle with both mountains and sea in abundance, a perfect balance between coast & country. Bursting with things to see and do, and at the same time being able to relax and have more time to spend with loved ones.


The design guidelines were informed by the Cape heritage style. Homes are designed in such a way as to protect against the South East wind whilst allowing the creation of optimal views and the accommodation of slopes.