A lifestyle almost
too good to be true

Whether you are buying your first home, are a growing family or looking for a beautiful holiday home, Kommetjie Vineyards has it all.  Offering immediate access to beautiful surroundings, state-of-the-art security, high-tech infrastructure, the finest schooling and a vibrant community.

With access to:

  • 24-hour manned security estate

  • Acres of vineyards set amongst homes

  • At the foot of the world-renowned Chapman’s Peak

  • Breathtaking sea and mountain views

  • Easy access to Generation Schools Imhoff

  • Walkways, hiking trails and running paths

  • Close proximity to shopping and arterial roads into Cape Town

Kommetjie Emporium

The proposed Kommetjie Emporium is a mixed-use development hub and the heart of Kommetjie Vineyards.

It has been conceptualised with a community in mind and plans to comprise of restaurants, a range of commercial and retail facilities, a public courtyard with an amphitheatre and wine cellar in the central area, entertainment and conferencing and a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

Generation Schools

First established in 2015, and now with 6 campuses across the Western Cape, Generation Schools are innovators in education, paving the way for forward-thinking and worldly education. The Imhoff campus is less than 5 minutes drive from Kommetjie Vineyards. Once the building of the second phase is complete the Imhoff campus will be home to 850 students.

Accommodating students from the age of 18 months up to tertiary studies, the school pairs the Montessori pedagogy in the early childhood developmental stages, builds upon this structure in the foundation phase, and introduces the Cambridge curricular in the Middle School phase. The Cambridge curriculum offers IGCSE’s, AS, A and A2 levels, with an international matriculation so that learners can study anywhere in the world.

Generation Schools believe in discovering the individual talents of each child and creating an environment where curiosity is king and the love of learning is actively encouraged and nurtured. Where knowledge is not only taught, but also experienced.

Each child is allowed to discover their true passions naturally, so that they can grow to become creative, inventive women and men who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.

The Montessori and Cambridge educators at Generations Schools are committed to preparing the environment on a daily basis. The educator’s preparation is taken from daily observations of each child’s individual needs. Detailed records of each child’s progress and readiness for new materials ensure that the environment remains favourable for every child. The child’s need to learn by exploring is supported by the following:

  • The classrooms contain carefully prepared and sequenced teaching materials and equipment.
  • Everything in the classroom is child-size and intended for the child’s use.
  • The children “work” because it is exciting to learn from the wide range of activities presented.
  • The children learn to appreciate & care for their classrooms and the beautifully crafted Montessori materials.
  • The educators guide the child’s energy, interest & enthusiasm into self-enriching channels over a 3 year period.
  • The educators help each child individually, by demonstrating the special materials.
  • Individual capabilities and the interests of each child are respected, as each child develops at their own rate.