About the vineyards and wines of Kommetjie Vineyards

Kommetjie Vineyards will consist of pieces of Italy, France and South Africa and express the cosmopolitan and unique environment in which they will be set. A place where people and Agriculture are knitted together in a bio-diverse environment.

Overlooking the Atlantic, the north sloping sandstone soils of Table Mountain remind us of Champagne and white wine. For the winemaker, the task is to capture the best of the soil and the Mediterranean climate and express this in a world-class bottle from Kommetjie Vineyards.

When we speak Champagne, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay come to mind and in the case of white wine, Sauvignon Blanc is the wine of choice for the winemaker. These three cultivars form the heart of this new vineyard, that will also consist of Vermentino and Pinotage. Vermentino is known as the Sauvignon Blanc of Italy and Pinotage is our own South African signature cultivar.

Vermentino : The vineyards will be producing Vermentino, which has its origins in Sardinia and is one of the most popular cultivars in that region and ideal for the Kommetjie Vineyards site.  It is an early ripening cultivar with fresh fruit flavours with good acidity. It is a versatile cultivar that allows the winemaker to express the terroir the best.

Sauvignon Blanc is most probably the most recognisable white variety planted in the country. But this wine will be something special. The site is unique, and we expect to hedge complexity with a cool climate on the north-facing slopes. The winemaking team can’t wait to get its hands on these grapes.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are two cultivars that will form the base of our world-class Champagne. We intend to create a Methode Cap Classique that will express the best from this terroir.

Pinotage is an iconic South African cultivar that will be grown to make a statement that the country is equipped to produce the best in the world. This will bring a true South African flavour to the party.

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